The moment you taste, a small wave of emotion fills your heart...
Cooking is an art that nourishes the body...
Everyday a new creation on the plate...

By the magnanimity of Nature’s ingredients, cooking is a generousity provided by a sensitive and sophisticated chef, says Michel Troisgros.

Following the genealogy and techniques of French cooking, Troisgros continually innovates feeling the spirit of changing times. His food is characterized by multi-dimensions and lightness combining acidity and spice, prepared with a careful balance of flame and temperature to bring out the delicious, natural flavors of ingredients. Executive Chef Guillaume Bracaval continues this evolution making Tokyo an international gourmet destination.

The four seasons of Japan, wide-ranging Japanese and French ingredients, these are the spirit of Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros. Woven together, they create an emotional cooking that touches your heart. This is cuisine as art. And like a modern painting, no explanation is necessary.

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